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Worlds Long Lost

Worlds Long Lost

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Edited by Christopher Ruocchio and Sean C.W. Korsgaard 

We were not alone. The farther we push into the universe, the more obvious it becomes. The signs are canals and pyramids on Mars, old roads on the moons of Jupiter, ruined cities on worlds about the nearer stars. The galaxy once teemed with life, or so it seems. Which begs the What happened to it all?

These stories explore the ruins of lost civilizations, solve ancient mysteries . . . and awaken horrors from beyond the dawn of time.

Featuring stories by Orson Scott Card, Griffin Barber, Adam Oyebanji, Jessica Maguire, Patrick Chiles, and an all-new entry in the Sun Eater universe from editor Christopher Ruocchio. Join us for your next adventure to Worlds Long Lost!

ISBN: 9781982193119

Science Fiction/Fantasy

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