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Jingle Bell Justice

Jingle Bell Justice

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By Nancy Basile

Christmas chaos is at an all-time high for Robin Pearce, having moved back to the small town of River Sutton, bought a shabby farmhouse, started a new business and a new relationship with handsome Sheriff Chris Payne. Living in a money pit isn’t a great idea. She’s broke and bills are coming due. With no income and no prospects, Robin agrees to attend her sister Jenn’s Christmas party to welcome socialite guests to her new bed-and-breakfast, Cardinal Cottage, thinking she can drum up leads. But when a dead body is discovered at the B and B the next morning, her sister’s sugar-plum dream of becoming a travel destination turns into a lump of coal.

Robin is reluctant to meddle in the investigation and ruin her relationship with the sheriff. Until Chris arrests Jenn’s wife for the murder! Robin must act fast to discover the real killer and prove her sister-in-law’s innocence . With an old nemesis making a reappearance and her relationship with the sheriff at stake, will Robin be able to find the killer before it’s too late?

If you enjoyed the suspenseful novels of Agatha Christie, you’ll love this thrilling holiday mystery from award-winning author Nancy Basile.

River Sutton #3

ISBN: 9798985227994

Publishing Date: 10/18/2023

Cozy Mystery

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