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The Heiress Bride

The Heiress Bride

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By Madeline Hunter

As the new Duke of Hollinburgh, Nicholas Radnor is handsome, titled, charming, and land poor. The last quality might change soon, because a portion of his uncle's personal estate is about to become available to him and his cantankerous extended family. At the eleventh hour, however, Iris Barrington, the last of the three mysterious women to whom the last duke made substantial bequests, inconveniently turns up on Nicholas' doorstep. He finds her story suspicious and her history ambiguous and her person both flamboyant and... fascinating. Duty calls, however, and he needs to discover if she is, indeed, the heiress his uncle favored or a charlatan with secrets that can endanger them both.

Complete independence has allowed Iris Barrington to become an unusual woman. A rare book dealer, she travels the world and has a sophisticated life. She also has a taste for handsome men, of which, Nicholas is one. Too bad he is also very curious about her, and his attentions are suspicious, as well as amorous. Since she has secrets he must never know, she should probably keep him at arm's length, but his seductive skills make that hard to do, no matter her resolve...

A Duke's Heiress #3

ISBN: 9781420150018


Mass Market Paperback

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