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Wicked Ways

Wicked Ways

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By Donna Hill

Tess McDonald has a score to settle. It was she who set into motion a series of events that caused the murders of two adversaries. Tess even turned complete strangers, Kim and Nikki, into partners of a deadly crime. With life good now that their nemeses are out of the way, they celebrate. But not for long.

On the night that the three women reunite, Tess receives a phone call that has the potential to ruin everything that she has put in place. Vincent, the one man that Tess would have changed her life for, has found her and her cohorts and he knows everything. She agrees to meet him with the intention of silencing him for good. But Tess is shocked when Vincent asks her to leave with him and put her criminal past behind her. However, Kim and Nikki aren't about to let her go so easily.

ISBN: 9781250834621

Publishing Date: 1/11/2022

Romance Fiction

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