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The Dangerous One

The Dangerous One

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By Lori Foster

Hunter Osborn left his family, his friends and his job as a park ranger after uncovering a disturbing crime scene. Haunted by nightmares and dark thoughts, Hunter relocated to a small cabin outside of Ridge Trail, Colorado, where he lives off the land (and mostly off the grid). To pay the bills, he works on classic cars, keeping his interactions with others to a minimum.

Still, Hunter can spot trouble from a mile away, and when he encounters Jodi Bentley, he knows she’s trouble of the most tempting kind—even more tempting when she moves into the run-down cabin next door. But when Jodi’s own past comes knocking, Hunter gets drawn out of his own darkness and into hers.

Osborn Brothers #1

ISBN: 9781335506375


Mass Market Paperback

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