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Sacred Tears: The Dance of Iris

Sacred Tears: The Dance of Iris

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By Tiffany Grant

Iris Straton stands as the last survivor as her home of 24 years smolders around her. A mysterious enemy descended like a plague the night before and slaughtered all in sight. Desperate to stop the carnage, Iris races down the road to warn other villages of the danger. Narrowly avoiding the clutches of a bandit, Iris collides into Darren, a secretive woodsman who joins her on her quest. Together they race to the kingdom capital, Alaster, in hopes of speaking with the king.

Darren is a wanted criminal who has spent the last five years in hiding, but when a panicked woman accosts him in his own campsite he has no choice but to get involved. Iris's pleas for help stir memories of a dark secret for the kingdom of Fitsengea. Coming out of hiding, it isn't long before Darren is forced to face his past in the form of his old thieving partners Kyle and Bryant. Now Darren must battle between keeping his ghosts a bay, protecting Iris from his ex-partners, and regaining her trust.

Sacred Tears is the first installment of a fast-paced Epic Fantasy Adventure filled with corruption, mystery, determination, and wit. This is a story of defiant persistence against despair. Iris knows there's only one way to stop her living nightmare, she must chase after it. Yet, nothing can prepare her for where this journey will take her.

ISBN: 9798987797303


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