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Just Watch Me

Just Watch Me

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By Jeff Lindsay

In his series debut, Riley aims for an extraordinary target: the Crown Jewels of Iran. The collection is on an American tour, guarded by space-age electronics and heavily armed mercenaries. No one could even think of getting past the air-tight security and hope to get away alive, let alone abscond with even a single diamond. Yes, these jewels are worth billions, but Riley's urge to steal them comes down to one simple fact: it can't be done.

Aside from the impenetrable security, Riley is also pursued by a brilliant and relentless cop who has spent his career getting closer and now is barely one step behind him.

With the aid of Monique, his sometime ally and a master art forger, Riley Wolfe goes for the prize that will confirm his legend - or, more likely, leave him dead.

ISBN: 9781524743956

Publishing Date: 10/27/2020 by Dutton

Mystery Fiction

384 Pages

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