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Glass and Feathers

Glass and Feathers

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By Lissa Sloan

Wishes are dangerous.

They can bring you a night out, a gown, even a pair of slippers. Or something you never should have wished for in the first place.

After the royal wedding, the girl in the glass slippers has everything she ever wanted: an escape from a life of drudgery, an innate magical gift, and a devoted husband who looks at her like she is the only one in the room. But all wishes come with a price. To the people of the palace, she is an outsider, nothing more. Even her famous shoes cannot help her--the glass slippers no longer fit.

Glass and Feathers is a continuation of the traditional Cinderella tale. It transforms "Happy Ever After" and soars beyond it.

ISBN: 9798218332891

Sci Fi/Fantasy 

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