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And Then There Was Silence

And Then There Was Silence

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By Candace Robinson

Sadie Hawkins wants nothing more than to find success as a screenplay writer. But when she discovers the love of her life hanging from their bedroom ceiling, Sadie gives up on her dreams.Until she receives an unexpected gift.

Sadie has become the sole owner of the cabin in the woods she always adored. A secluded place where she can resurrect her dreams and drown her sorrows.>Yet the woods are not the same. The days are still and lifeless. The shadows seem to follow Sadie. And the air holds the scent of her dead husband.

As the days go by, Sadie will either have to accept that her sanity is in jeopardy or uncover the mysteries hidden deep within the past. Mysteries more terrifying than she ever imagined.

ISBN: 9781960949301


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