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Accidents Happen

Accidents Happen

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By Louis Millar

What if the one in a million is you? Kate Parker has had so much bad luck in her life, she's convinced she's cursed. But when she tries to do her best to keep herself and her son safe, people tell her she's being anxious and obsessive. Just when her life starts to spin completely out of control, an Oxford professor she meets offers to help. But his methods are not conventional.

If she wants to live her life again, he will expect her to take risks. When a mysterious neighbour starts to take more than a passing interest in her, Kate tries to stay rational and ignore it. Maybe this, however, is the one time Kate should be worried.

ISBN: 9780330545013

Publishing Date: 4/11/2013 by Pan Macmillan Books

Thriller Fiction

435 Pages

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