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Universe Within

Universe Within

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By Genna Pfister

A cosmic trip

Meet Stella, a widowed English teacher who’s still grappling with the loss of her husband. And then there’s Andrew, a disillusioned New York City executive who’s ready for a change, a more soul-satisfying life. When a mysterious childhood friend reaches out for help, Stella and Andrew must explore new depths within the universe and within themselves to come to her aid.

What begins as a quest to save an alien species that has been hiding on Earth for decades becomes a mission to save humanity from its ignorance—a mutual exchange of resources, technology, and cosmic consciousness. But how can two such vastly different species communicate? The answer lies in the mind-expanding power of mushrooms. With the help of psilocybin, Stella discovers the universe within—the profound connections that can be made when she opens her mind to the vast possibilities of the universe.

As Stella and Andrew help the aliens return home, they must also confront their own fears and find the courage to forge a new path forward, together—a path that leads to unrivaled love and rebellious adventure.

ISBN: 9781632997272

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