About Introverts Retreat

About Introverts Retreat

Hi! I'm Shereen and here's a little bit about Introverts Retreat:

Introverts Retreat is both a subscription box service curated especially for introverts and an e-commerce site where we sell our Candles and Bath Salts for Introverts (check them out - you'll love their names and stories). I'm the founder and head introvert, but my daughter, Kendyl, and my son, John, are both important members of the Introverts Retreat team.

The idea for the subscription box was conceived in a tiny recess of my brain back in early 2017. When I originally started this project, I called it A Girl's Night In thinking that was a cute name - you know, to use the items in a subscription box for a fun night in rather than an exhausting night out. 

A lot of people got it, but a large number of readers apparently missed the apostrophe and thought the subscription was for a girls’ night in - like fun stuff for gathering with your girlfriends. While that’s a great idea, it’s the opposite of what I wanted. So I brainstormed new ideas. I decided Introverts Retreat was a good name so I stayed up for a full night and redid everything.

Back then, Introverts Retreat was small and I ran the whole thing from my computer in a spare bedroom. Today my Introverts Retreat studio is a large dedicated space in my home in Connecticut. Which is a great thing for the most part. No commute. Pants optional. Snacks and coffee are always readily available. Also Netflix. 

Here at our studio we create and pour our Candles for Introverts, hand-blend our Bath Salts for Introverts, and we also curate and pack the subscription boxes each month. I guess now I can add "write an internet blog" called Let's Be Aone Together to that list. So I also guess this is my first post. 

Until next time.....

Shereen (and Tove the Blue Cat)

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